Sally Darlison


A little bit about me


Journeywoman, 2011

Travel... enlightens, enriches and broadens our world view.

Journeywoman is an expression of the colour that travel and journeys bring to our lives. The road travels through the beauty and colour of the outback, the ruggedness of the mountains, the changing seascape, onto the bustle of Asia then Europe crowned by the beauty of Italy. A reflection of journeys taken or those yet to come.

Sally’s work explores place and the relationship that we have with place. She is a curious being, interested in how others live their lives and whilst traveling will collect imagery through the lens of her camera, in the drawings in her visual diary, and collect copious brochures and maps to be used on return to her studio.

 As a collage artist she uses a variety of media combining fabric, photos, maps, text and various printmaking techniques. She uses machine and hand stitch to draw, bind and link. Sally’s art practice has evolved from working predominantly in textiles to working with a combination of media drawn together by her love of stitch.  Her recent work has been exploring the qualities of encaustic and illustration.

Sally juggles work as a primary art teacher with her art practice, as well as teaching occasional workshops in surface design, collage and artist bookmaking.