Roma (copyright sally darlison)

Wrought in France

Wrought in France ( copyright sally darlison)

Above the Valley

Above the Valley (copyright sally darlison

Cold Ridge

Cold Ridge (copyright sally darlison)

Croatia 1

Croatia 1 (copyright sally darlison)

Journey in a Suitcase

Journey in a Suitcase (copyright sally darlison)

Outside the Riad

Outside the Riad (copyright sally darlison)

Village Living

Village Living (copyright sally darlison)

Walking the Cinque Terre

Walking the Cinque Terre (copyright sally darlison)

My Barcelona

My Barcelona (copyright sally darlison)


London Climb

London Climb ( copyright sally darlison)

Berber Doorways (copyright Sally Darlison)

Berber Doorways ( copyright Sally Darlison)

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

  • artist books
  • Collage
  • hand stitch
  • machine embroidery
  • painting
  • Print
  • sculpture

Wandering, exploring, seeking and learning. Traveling allows us to find new places, learn of others, creates empathy, opens our eyes to other ways of living.
Wandering isn’t always aimless
Traveling for 3 months through Europe and Morocco in 2012 was the catalyst for my body of work